An unforgettable day of sailing aboard the day catamaran from Menorca. Enjoy the crystal clear and azure waters of Menorca with pristine natural coves. This catamaran offers you an exclusive and entertaining day trip at sea.

Menorca, thanks to its strategic location in the western Mediterranean, offers you wonderful sailing conditions. We go out every day with our catamaran to enjoy the coast and the clear waters of the island. Sailing with this catamaran is unique and offers a special experience, there is no comparison with other trips.

The start is in the beautiful port of Ciutadella.

One of the advantages of this excursion on a smaller island is that there is usually a sheltered corner in windy or bad weather. Wind direction is an important factor that our captain takes into account, along with the weather forecast, when deciding whether to visit the north or south coast. The north coast offers big beautiful cliffs, steep rocks and an impressive landscape from the sea with special nooks and crannies and hidden beaches, a wild natural environment.

If we head south, we find a beautiful landscape with many incredible beaches with their spectacular white sands and crystal clear waters.


Home port Menorca
Guests max 80
price boat 3.025
Time 11:00h - 16:00h
Catering not inclusive
all prices incl. local tax and insurance
Tine / prices 2022 May + October June Sept. August
11h – 16h 3.025€ 4.719€ 4.114€ 5.282€
  • All prices include skipper, insurance, tax and all ancillary costs.
  • Catering not included, can be ordered from us. Offer on request