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Current Covid-19 rules Majorca / from 16.02.20222022-02-17T09:28:52+01:00

What do you need to enter Mallorca ?

You need a so-called QR code. All information on how to obtain this code can also be found in English on the website of
Spain Travel Health (SpTH for short).
And from 07.06. only a negative rapid test (PCR test required before), which is not older than 24 hours, if
they have not been fully vaccinated.

We have summarised the most important rules for Corona protection on Mallorca for you:

Safety distance: at least 1.5m

General mask obligation: Since Thursday, 10 February, masks can be taken off outside again if you are not in crowds. In public indoor areas and means of transport the mask obligation still applies.

Private meetings: No restrictions apply since 27 September.

Restaurants and cafés: As of Saturday, 12 February, landlords of restaurants no longer need to call up the QR code of the EU vaccination certificate. This also applies to hotel restaurants.
Catering establishments are allowed to occupy up to 100 per cent of their outdoor and indoor areas. In both indoor and outdoor areas, there is no limit to the number of guests allowed to sit at a table. The sale of alcoholic beverages in shops is prohibited between 9.30pm and 8am.
Restaurants and cafés are allowed to open until 2 a.m. at the most. It is permitted to sit at the bar. Those who want to smoke must still leave a restaurant terrace and are then not allowed to move.

Party and nightlife: Since the beginning of October, pubs (i.e. bars with music) are allowed to open until 4 o’clock, but dancing is not allowed there. Discotheques reopened on Friday, 8 October. They are allowed to be open until 5 am. Dancing is compulsory, drinking on the dance floor is not allowed, and people are not allowed to stay at the bar for a longer period of time. Botellones (nocturnal open-air drinking parties, especially for young people) are still strictly forbidden, and the police are stepping up their controls.

The smoking ban remains strict. Smoking on the street is permitted, provided that the safe distance of two metres from all other people is maintained. Those who smoke must remain in place. Walking through the street smoking is prohibited.

Shops: Visitor capacity is set at 100 per cent. They may be open until midnight at the most.

Cultural events: Two-thirds of the usual number of visitors may be let in, but no more than 500 people. The EU certificate no longer has to be shown as of 12 February, strict mask requirement applies….

Concerts: Under the open sky, a maximum of 1000 standing visitors. Eating and drinking prohibited. A total of 2500 people can come if 1500 are seated in compliance with the distance regulations.

Beaches: These may be entered around the clock since 27 September.

Sports: Unrestricted large groups allowed outdoors. Indoor areas: 100 per cent occupancy, maximum 500 people, masks compulsory. Outdoor: 1000 persons. Changing rooms: 100 per cent occupancy. In basketball arenas it is 80 per cent. Masks are strictly compulsory, spectators are not allowed to eat or drink. Individual sports activities in the outdoor area, such as cycling, are possible without a mask. The EU certificate must now also be shown in sports halls. This also applies to team athletes.

Wedding celebrations: No restrictions

Public transport: 100 per cent occupancy and mask requirement

Note: Corona regulations on the Balearic Islands are constantly changing and sometimes contradictory. We research them to the best of our knowledge, but cannot give any guarantee.

More activities on request2014-05-25T15:22:13+02:00

– Snorkeling (equipment with most service providers inclusive)
– Banana, wakeboarding, …
– speed boat
– Photo Service

Toilets on board2014-05-25T15:21:39+02:00

There are at least one and on the catamarans usually even two toilets available.

Music on board2014-05-25T15:21:09+02:00

There is a sound system on board, you are welcome to bring your own music.


If the weather is not suitable for sailing (decision rests completely with the skipper) at your booked days and we find no alternative date with you, you will receive at most providers your payments back completely.

Sailing route2014-05-25T15:19:58+02:00

The sailing route varies due to the prevailing wind at the booked day. Therefore, you discuss the route with the skipper individually on site.

Take with you2014-05-25T15:19:31+02:00

Sunscreen, towels (can be partially delivered), bathing suit, in spring and autumn a windbreaker/jacket.


If you come directly from the airport or have very small children, so both the luggage and buggies can be stored on most yachts on board. Please give us a short information.


Of course we can organize the transfer from the hotel / airport to the catamaran on request. Please ask for a quotation from us.

Start harbors2014-05-25T15:10:02+02:00

Die meisten Törns starten ab Palma de Mallorca oder Puerto Andratx. Es sind aber auch weitere Starthäfen, teilweise auch Abholung vom Hotel möglich.


Basically on board not allowed. But there are some exceptions, please get in contact with us.


Especially on a catamaran are the “little ones” very safe because of the catamaran as opposed to the yacht has no skew during sailing. Of course, on all ships, children’s life jackets for children are available.


On most charter offers you must book catering separately. More and specific information we can send you on request.


All prices include local taxes, crew and all additional ship costs.


The cruising trips start between 09:00 and 11:00h and end as you booked it, after 4 to 9hours.

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