Project Description


Paragliding ! No doubt this is the most exciting water activity you can experience in the beach this summer. Get ready to be the protagonist of this fantastic adventure. You will be fastened into a parachute harness while a speedboat drives you, safely fastened with a rope, to a height of 40 meters so that you will have the privilege of admiring the 5 kilometer length of la Playa de Palma from above. If you want to fly in a safe way, get on our parasail with your partner… let yourself fly…
Get your adrenaline going!


PortCan Pastilla
Guestsup to 12 per trip
Pricefrom 38€/person
Time10-15 Min
Cateringnot incl.
Prices incl. Skipper, all ship costs, insurance, local tax
Times ca. 10-15 MinSommer
Single flight65 €
Double flight for 2 persons80€
Triple flight for 3 persons115€