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Party on board

The idea: Stag party on board

Sooner or later many of you may have the pleasure of being invited to a stag party. The best man wonders what to organize for this special day and often asks friends and acquaintances for suggestions. Ideas for a stag party usually range from the typical vendor`s tray ???? over weird Karaoke performances in a bar to cross-country-runs in the city centre in a pink bunny costume.

By now the future bridal couple fancy something really unusual. How about the idea of a stag party on board? It is certain that the entire group will remember this time together with a smile on their face.

What size of ship for my guests?

Sharing a boat with friends for a stag party is not only fun, it is actually quite affordable. Divide the rental price for the boat by the number of participants and you will be surprised how low priced the idea of the stag party on board can work out.

The more friends and relatives want to accompany the bachelor, the more space you want on the boat.

We offer the right ship for every group size.

ALL INCL Party on Board

Indulge in snacks and cool drinks on board and enjoy the sunshine…

Come on board for an unforgettable sailing trip and a jolly party.

Of course we also offer the suitable catering/drinks.

Surprise the future bride and groom with a jolly stag party on Majorca. On board of one of our sailing boats or catamarans you will find the unique location for your party. Get inspired by our suggestions.

In order to spare you concerns about extra expenses in planning and during your stay on board, we always offer package prices. There are no hidden costs. In addition we are happy to help you organize transfer from airport or hotel to the ship and back. Just let us know!

Or you inquire with the approximate number of expected guests and we prepare an offer without obligation.

Ask for a personal offer without obligation